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Course with Vasko Sotirov


When: June 27th to July 4th

Where: At Germán Peraire’s workshop in the countryside, near Barcelona

Meals and accommodation: available under request. Contact us for booking.


During this eight-day intensive course, you’ll have the chance to learn from the great Italian cabinetmaker Vasko Sotirov. You’ll learn about designing and creating a delicate keepsake box with a hidden mechanism.

Simple on the outside but ready to surprise when opened, the box will be deeply saturated with details, from the elegant proportions and careful wood selection to a parquetry motif to be unveiled and a secret compartment to be discovered.

It is an exercise to chase perfection and a display of technical abilities.

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Learning areas

  • Designing a piece from an idea
  • Understanding solid wood, material selection and stock preparation
  • Precision oriented workflow
  • Dovetails and miters
  • Creating parquetry patterns and veneering
  • Simple but effective hidden mechanisms (that opens the box)
  • Basics of finishing and protecting wood


Requirements of the students

  • Essential woodworking tools such as: Handplane, combination square, marking knife, a few chisels, a hammer, a handsaw for dovetails, fretsaw, calipers… (If you are missing anything, you can borrow it from us!)
  • A basic/intermediate set of woodworking skills



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