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Furniture made one at a time

Ebanista artesano construyendo un armario de madera maciza
The craft process

I believe in the work that is born from an intimate relationship with wood

Understand it and respect its nature is the core of my profession. I adhere to this spirit in the development of my designs from start to finish, wheter they are my own ones or custom orders. My workflow is handcrafted: each piece is meticulously crafted using manual techniques as well as machining processes using sophisticated machinery. I personally take care of all the stages of the process, from the contact with my clients to the completion of the project, including its design, construction and finishing.

Furniture made one at a time

I have the commitment to offer the highest quality from a technical and aesthetic standpoint, as well as an excellent customer service. In order to create pieces to the highest standard I combine high quality machinery and hand tools to achieve attractive joints and capable to stand the test of time. Brushes, chisels and other traditional tools are very important in my work, so they receive daily care. I choose fine woods such as oak, cherry, walnut or ash, which are some of my favorites.



I am happy to have a sawmill, so whenever I can I cut the logs myself to explore the grain and getting the most out of each tree. Sometimes my customers come because a tree planted by their ancestors dies. My job is to give that tree a new life for the new generations. This is a very rewarding experience and with a high emotional feeling.

Proceso de construcción de mueble con madera maciza
Cajones construidos a mano con madera maciza terminados
Cajones construidos a mano con madera maciza terminados

I am convinced that the relationship with nature has to be reciprocal. This is why I use solid wood instead of less organic or lower quality materials, always prioritizing sustainable logging certified wood.

Shared knowledge

Sharing my knowledge brings me joy, that’s why I teach introductory courses in cabinetry. Through different projects my students learn the work processes from tool sharpening to handmade finishes. You can learn more here.

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Cabinetmaker, marquetry expert

Bea and Germán collaborate in the unique pieces’ marquetry pattern design. After years of researching in tradicional techniques for marquetry, Bea is one of the few cabinetmakers with experience with this technique.



From his own workshop in La Garrotxa, collaborates with Germán in the creation of designs for the collection and crafts the furniture on demand. He is an expert cabinetmaker with an enormous talent to take care of all the details. Everything that he touches is top quality work.