I believe in working in a close relationship with the material. Understanding wood and respecting its nature is at the very core of my trade. I keep that spirit in mind from the design to the completion of the piece, whether it is my own standard designs or a bespoke item to meet my client's request. I do everything by myself, enjoying every step of the process since the first meeting with my clients.

One piece at a time

My highest concern is to provide the best quality I am capable of in terms of craftsmanship, aesthetics, and service to my clients. To create my pieces at the highest standards I combine high-quality machinery with hand tool techniques, achieving beautiful and long-lasting joinery. Planes, chisels and other traditional tools are of great importance in my work and receive daily use and care. I choose fine materials too, being oak, cherry, walnut and ash some of my favourite timbers.
I am lucky enough to have my own sawmill, so I cut the trees up into pieces myself when possible. This way I can explore grain patterns and get the best out of a particular log. Sometimes my clients come to me because a family tree planted by their ancestors died. We then give it a new life so it can remain for future generations. It is a deeply rewarding experience with a strong emotional dimension. 


It is a conviction of mine that there must be reciprocity in our relationship with the land. This is why I use solid wood as opposed to other less ecologic materials. I always try to find sustainably harvested timber. In addition to this, a part of my income goes to reforestation programs.

Sharing knowledge

I enjoy sharing my experience with other people. This is why I teach introductory workshops to hand woodworking. Through an array of small projects, my students learn a great deal about all the processes involved in cabinet making, from blade sharpening to hand-applied finishes. At present, I offer weekend sessions in ArtallaBCN, TMDC and my own workshop. You can find more information in the teaching section of this website.


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2022 - "Form, Function and Structure" - Furniture&Cabinetmaking Magazine no. 304 
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Talks and Masterclasses

2021 - "Design criteria in furniture construction" - V Jornades Fusta Constructiva
2022 - "El mueble de madera, las maderas del mueble" - Associació per a l'Estudi del Moble, Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.